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Jasper Cty, SC
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Arsenic in Rice Testing Results
Lucky Dog Cuisine has no arsenic!
When the recent controversy about arsenic levels in rice came about we at Lucky Dog Cuisine responded immediately. We sent both of our ''Rice recipes" Beef and Rice, and Tailwaggin' Turkey to an independent lab to be tested.

Our hope was that our recipes would test and come back at levels that said they were safe for "human consumption". As those of you that have been clients for some time now already realize, we refuse to compromise in our goal to make the finest food for dogs.

We were very excited to find that the results showed there was no arsenic in our food! 

As one of the chief Lucky Dog "taste testers" I am thrilled to report that Molly and I will continue to enjoy our rice recipes along with all of our other great flavors.

Big Brother Murphy
To view the results of the testing of our two rice recipes please click on the button below.

To assist in reading the results please keep in mind:

LOD and LOQ are limits of detection and limits of quantification respectively. This is how low the instrument can see. Our sample results were below this value, so there was no Arsenic detected in the sample.
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Bugsy's Newsletter
Dr. Janice Elenbaas, Molly and Murphy
If you wouldn't eat it, please don't feed it to your dog!
With love from our kitchens to yours!
Not just the best gourmet dog food.
The best dog food period.
Please know that I feed my dogs (and occasionally my husband) Lucky Dog Cuisine exclusively. If it is not good enough for my dogs I would never recommend it for yours. We never compromise on quality and we never will. Our food truly does come "with love, from our kitchens to yours".

With highest regards,
Dr. Janice Elenbaas