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Healthy food for dogs - Direct from our kitchens to yours.
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All Natural, All-American, Human Grade
Cooked Meals for Dogs!
Cooked fresh, then frozen preservative free
for delivery right to your door!
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Lucky Dog Cuisine

  • Top quality "Human Grade" ingredients
  • Humanely raised, hormone free, grass fed beef
  • Real Cheeses and Yogurts for Calcium
  • Pureed Vegetables
  • Filtered Water
  • Vet Approved
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Cooked fresh then frozen with no preservatives.
What you don't know about commercial dog food, could be hurting your dog!
All pet parents want what is best for our best friends.
Don't be a victim of "Marketing over Mother Nature"

Even the finest Commercial Dog Foods typically contain:

  • 4D - Dead, Diseased, Dying or Disabled Animals
  • Pet Grade Ingredients - not fit for human consumption
  • Moldy Grains
  • "Meal" and Rendered Fats
  • even the euthanizing drug Pentobarbital has been found in commercial pet foods
  • Plastic and foam packaging from expired meats are accepted in Dog Food

Lucky Dog Cuisine
Not just the best gourmet dog food but the best food for dogs period!
Benefits of feeding a Lucky Dog Cuisine diet!

  • Stronger immune system means fewer parasites and infections along with fewer vet visits
  • Fewer chronic digestive problems like diarrhea, vomiting and inflammatory bowel disease
  • Less shedding
  • Less poop
  • Fewer allergies
  • Fewer "hotspots" and ear infections
  • Optimizes your dog's weight. Less obesity and arthritis
  • No "Doggy Breath" - our food smells great
  • Great for "fussy eaters" - with Lucky Dog there is no such thing as a picky dog

Our Menu!

  • Five great recipes
  • Original Beef and Rice
  • Bugsy's Best Beef & Barley
  • Tail-Waggin' Turkey
  • Perfect Pooch Pasta
  • Turkey n' Taters (grain free recipe)
  • Human Grade
  • Labels you can read and understand
  • Cooked fresh in small batches
  • Real cheeses and yogurt for calcium
  • No Preservatives -- Ever
Food so good, you could eat it too!
Things we should know!

1 in 3 dogs is now diagnosed with cancer.

The first thing an oncologist typically suggests after discovering cancer is to remove all "processed foods" from the diet.

Since the introduction of commercial dog foods the average dog's life span has decreased by roughly 18%.

55% of dogs in America are overweight.

The average 50 pound dog eating traditional commercial dog food will ingest roughly 18 pounds of preservatives in the course of a year.
Who knows best, us or Mother Nature?
Why not just feed Commercial Dog Food?

Despite our best intentions to buy the highest quality food for our dogs the following ingredients are commonly found in traditional commercial foods. (Including "Super Premium and Prescriptive Diets")

  • 4D Animals (Dead, Diseased, Dying and Disabled) are allowed in dog food.
  • If it contains "meal" (beef meal, chicken meal, etc.) it is the product of the rendering plant.
  • "Pet Grade" ingredients are allowed in even the so-called best commercial dog foods. This includes sawdust and blood, tumerous meats and expired meats.
  • Moldy grains are allowed in dog food.
  • There is an allowance for how much Styrofoam packaging and plastic wrap that is included in commercial dog foods from the "expired meats" from grocery stores.
  • The euthanizing drug Pentobarbital has been found by the FDA in dog foods as a result of including euthanized animals in the food.
  • Dog food labeling laws allows you to name your food “Joe's Organic Food" even if it contains no organic ingredients.
  • No Preservatives added simply means the dog food manufacturer did not include additional preservatives but if the "raw materials" already included preservatives or other non desirable ingredients they have no requirement to disclose that.
If you wouldn't eat it, please don't feed it to your dog!
We are still discovering the many benefits of whole natural foods. A synthetic vitamin will never take the place of a piece of real fruit or a vegetable. Protein in the form of "beef meal", "chicken meal", "fish meal" or any other form of "meal" that has been rendered, denatured and cooked at high temperatures will never be the same as hormone free, fresh meats that have just been cooked gently!

If you were told to bypass the fresh fruit, vegetable and meat section in the grocery store and to go directly to the processed food aisle - "to pick up a bag of people food" - would you think that made sense? You would get to eat only one type of processed, dry food labeled "complete and balanced" for the rest of your life. Would you expect to be healthy? Why do we do this to our beloved dogs?

This is a symptom of "marketing trumping common sense"!

Lucky Dog Cuisine is real food for dogs. We take the mystery out of feeding your best friend. There are no ingredients in our food that you cannot pronounce or have to look up in a chemistry text. No fancy degree is needed to read our labels. We use real food and nothing else. Food so good that you could eat it too. We feel that if you cannot pronounce something, you probably should not be eating it.

All of our meals are made in real kitchens, not processing plants. We actually use pots and pans and bowls just like you do to cook your own dinner. Our bowls are just a lot bigger.

A variety of whole foods makes sense for optimum health and vitality!
Copyright 2011 Lucky Dog Cuisine:  Food for Dogs.  All Rights Reserved
Jasper Cty, SC
If you were told to bypass the fresh fruit, vegetable and meat section in the grocery store and to go directly to the processed food aisle - "to pick up a bag of people food" - would you think that made sense?
What is Lucky Dog?

  • Human Grade
  • All Natural
  • All American
  • Gourmet Dog Food
  • Cooked Meals for Dogs specifically formulated for their unique digestive needs
  • Cooked in small batches
  • Custom ground meats using only muscle meats
  • Cooked Fresh then Frozen
  • Simply thaw and serve
  • So healthy you could eat it yourself
  • Surprisingly affordable
What is never in Lucky Dog?

  • No Processed Food
  • No Pet Grade Anything
  • Nothing Artificial
  • No Preservatives
  • No Byproducts
  • No Coloring
  • No Stabilizers
  • No Flourine in our Water
  • No Meat Meal of any sort!
  • No Moldy grains

The World's Best Dog Food

The ultimate gourmet dog food has now been made available for home delivery. Get Lucky Dog delivered right to your door and enjoy the best dog food according to top ten dog foods website. Not only a gourmet dog food but truly the best dog food and best frozen dog food you can buy. Human grade dog food designed to be easy to use and convenient. Frozen dog food that will have you saying The best dog foods are frozen dog food. Order Lucky Dog today and enjoy great savings with our autoship program and have gourmet dog food delivered right to your door. Quite frankly we consider Lucky Dog Cuisine to be the healthiest dog food available in the world today! Lucky Dog Cuisine, not just the best gourmet dog food but the best dog food period!

Always remember, health comes from the inside out!
Not just the best gourmet dog food.
It's the best dog food period.
Why do we choose to sell primarily online?

We make everything fresh each week. The food we ship you Monday was made in our kitchens the week before.

We want to make sure your dog's food remains frozen. When dealing with retailers we have no way of knowing.

We want to answer your questions. We know most of our clients by name, what type of dogs share their lives and what special needs they might have.

We can help keep our prices down. We don't have to build in profit for retailers and distributors so we pass the savings along to you.

Vet Tested
and Approved
Holistic Veterinarian
Dr. Patrick Mahaney
& his best friend, Cardiff

"If we feed our dogs whole foods rich in real nutrients, and not synthetic vitamins, then their immune systems will function better at fighting off infection and managing chronic inflammation associated with many common canine illnesses."
Lucky Dog Cuisine's new home!

Thank you to all of our loyal customers that have helped us to help dogs live longer and healthier lives by switching to a diet of whole natural, "human grade" food.

Rest assured that despite moving into our new larger kitchens we will continue to cook only in small batches, we just have a little more elbow room now!

According to a recent press release from an Official Pet Food Consumer Advocacy Group, this is what the FDA thinks of traditional commercial pet foods:

“Animal feeds provide a practical outlet for plant and animal byproducts not suitable for human consumption.”

Is that what you want in your dog's food?

Clean Rice and New Beginnings

by Dr. Janice Elenbaas on 10/27/12

Arsenic and Old Lace

Clean Rice and New Beginnings

I do have to admit that I love food! I love reading about it, cooking it and sharing it with friends and family!  Eating good food is a way of life for me.  So when I formulate recipes for Lucky Dog Cuisine, I get excited! I know that dogs will be enjoying their food and I’ll be proud to serve it to them.

When the story came out about arsenic in rice products for human consumption, I was naturally concerned. All of our ingredients are foods that I would eat myself, so the idea of having heavy metal poisoning in our rice made my stomach turn. We immediately sent samples to the independent lab that we use to see if our levels were safe. I held my breath over the few days it took to get the results back. They came in late on a Friday afternoon. You would have thought I had won the lottery…there was no arsenic! I didn’t have to worry about  ‘safe’ levels because they couldn’t find any at all! 

The idea of arsenic in rice is just one example of the attention that I do pay to what is going into our food.  I agonize over every single thing that goes into my dog’s and by extension, your dog’s mouths. I did the same for my children when they were babies. Twenty eight years ago, when my daughter was born, no one thought of organic baby food or making their own baby food for that matter. Opening a jar was standard practice. Not with my kids! I went to St. Lawrence Market in Toronto to buy the freshest ingredients I could find; brought everything home, steamed it and ran it through a food mill. No one used a food processor in those days either! I was pretty fanatical.  I sure loved my babies and cooking great food for them was an expression of that love….nothing was too good for them.

So over the years as my kids grew and my dogs were there to share our lives, it was very natural for me to cook and feed my furry babies with the same kind of devotion. I just felt good every time I put their food down.

Now my son and daughter have grown and happily, more than survived their crazy mother.  Meghan has had lots of exposure to great food and enjoys her well earned reputation as a “foodie”.  She really did mistakenly take the dogs’ food back with her to university and she really did share it with her roommates. But now that she has grown and is on her own, she is joining me in the Lucky Dog Cuisine family business! It did seem like a natural evolution. She loves to cook too, loves good food and loves dogs. It is a lifestlye that she grew up with and it couldn’t be more fitting. I am so proud of her!

Please follow us on our journey. There will be lots of stories about our mother/daughter venture as the Lucky Dog Cuisine story unfolds!

US Lucky Dogs Murphy and Molly with new Canadian

Lucky Dog Cuisine Founders Meghan and Mark

For more info visit



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Testimonial of the Month

"I just wanted to let you know that my shipment of lucky dog cuisine arrived safely yesterday.  This morning, I added a little bit of it into Allie's and Riley's breakfast and they gobbled it up.  I was going to heat it as suggested, but I put it in the bowls and turned around to pick them up for heating...and it was gone!  The girls definitely approve."

D. Shayer
Rhode Island
Riley and Allie
In response to many requests we have moved our blog to the front page.
Please enjoy!

Recently the news has been full of stories about Arsenic in rice, not just in dog food but in the food we eat as well.
Here at Lucky Dog we engaged an independent third party lab to test our rice recipes to make sure they were not only fit for our best friends but fit for human consumption as well.

The results are in and there is no trace of arsenic in any of our rice recipes. Great news for Murphy, Molly and your dogs too.

To see the test results and for more information

Please Click Here

Oh Canada

Please join me in welcoming Lucky Dog Cuisine Canada to the Lucky Dog Family.
While their recipes are slightly different reflecting differences in Canadian and American product availability the quality remains at the highest level.

If you are interested in acquiring Lucky Dog Cuisine and are in Canada please visit us at
Now using only certified GMO-Free Fruits and Vegetables

In our ongoing effort to provide the best quality food for dogs we are proud to announce that Lucky Dog Cuisine is now made with only
"Certified GMO-free" fruits and vegetables.
We will continue to pursue the finest quality ingredients so that you can feel great about what you feed your best friend!